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Obtaining a Florida Business License or Permit

In the Florida almost every city, county and state governments require business owners to obtain business licenses and permits. In some cases, in addition to the state of Florida, the federal government may also require you to get special Florida licenses or permits, depending on the type of business or your Florida business location business.

 Florida Business Licenses


Do You Sell

retail tangible(i.e, items you

can touch - items such as toys) items online, from home, on ebay or a fixed commercial location






99 percent of all businesses need a Florida county or Florida city license. This is a general Florida license that allows you, as the Florida business owner, the freedom of  operating a Florida business.

Here is how to get aFlorida Business License:

  1. You may need a  Florida fictitious name certificate and an Florida Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  2. Search to determine the kind of license you need and obtain necessary Florida Business License online application.
  3. Submit  the online application and pay the fee.
  4.  Florida Business Licenses usually must be renewed annually and the government notifies you by sending you a simple bill to pay in advance for your annual business tax.

State Florida Business Licenses
State law requires businesses that provide certain products or services to get a state license. State licenses are also required of Florida businesses that must meet certain Florida legal requirements, such as pet clinics, restaurants and other establishments that serve alcohol.

To obtain a Florida license:


  1. Get to the Florida license requirement information and online application for your type of business.
  2. Submit the Florida online application and we will file it, help you file it.

Sales Tax Licenses
Florida  require a sales tax license or seller's permit for all retail businesses. This allows you to buy wholesale and charge sales tax to customers on items purchased.  You need to pay these taxes to Florida and that is where you use your Sales Tax License or Florida Sellers Permit.


Many Florida permit is a term given to licenses given for certain businesses that need to meet safety, helth, and building structure requirements.  If you meet these requirements, you are issued a Florida permit to pursue the business activity.

  • Home Occupation Permit
    If your business is home-based, Florida requires that you obtain a home occupation permit.